Welcome to That Creative Cafe!

Last year Glenn and Candace (wonderful proprietors of That Creative Cafe & The Black Twig) reached the heart-breaking but necessary decision to close the Oak Glen premises.

Welcome to That Creative Cafe

Over the years Glenn, Candace and all the team became well loved by customers for their hospitality and delicious take on authentic outdoor grilled food. They will be sorely missed by ourselves and the wider community. This website exists as a tribute to their hard work.

The 'Oak Glen Project' started back on December 16, 2011 when the team took on the historical Wilshire Apple Shed as the location for That Creative Cafe and the remodeled Black Twig Gift Shop.

Amongst a host of culinary attractions, That Creative Cafe included a full staffed bakery that baked fresh goodies every day: Apple, cherry, and pumpkin pies. Oak Glen wrapples, Arkansas Black apple tarts, coffee cakes, banana nut breads, apple cakes, pumpkin cranberry bread and cookies, and cakes to order!!

11925 Oak Glen Rd
Oak Glen, CA 92399
Fantastic Outdoor Grilled Food We specialize in mesquite style outdoor grilling. The tastes and flavors of our catering recipes are applied to our cafe menu. We also have a great tasting breakfast!

Hospitality and Warm Welcomes Warm welcomes are a must! And remember... No deep fat frying here at the cafe. We try to create healthy recipes. We use olive oil instead of vegetable oils.